Figure 121 shows the loading possibilities available in CADAM3D. The sections below provide details for each loading. 

Figure 121


Water levels

Ice load

Floating debris


Crest overtopping

Pressure distribution over free-fall spillway

Uplift pressures

Automatic evaluation of USACE 1995 standard

USACE (1995) distribution of uplift pressures

User-defined distribution

Uplift pressures in multiple-wedge analysis

Post-tension cables

Additional concentrated loads


Pseudo-static method (seismic coefficient)

Westergaard Generalized Formulation 3D

Cos² and Corns et al (1988) formulation for inclined faces

Zangar (1952) formulation for inclined faces

Pseudo-dynamic method: Chopra’s method (1988)

Pseudo-dynamic method: Bouaanani and Miquel’s method

Assumptions for seismic loads

Dynamic sediment pressure

Uplift pressure in cracks during earthquakes

Seismic cracking from U/S and D/S faces

Incremental analysis