To start the structural analysis, it is required to select the Start Analysis Option. The first step performed by CADAM3D is to process the geometry to calculate the characteristics of the analysis planes (lengths, areas, inertias) and the tributary volumes. Then all loads acting on the structure are calculated. For each load combination, the resulting normal force, the resulting net shear force (tangential force) and the overturning moment with respect to the downstream end of the plane are calculated for an uncracked joint. Using these resultant forces: 

a)        Stress analysis is performed first to calculate the potential crack length and the compressive stresses along each joint.

b)        Sliding analysis is performed along each joint considering the specified shear strength for that joint.

c)        Overturning stability is performed by calculating the position of the resultant of all forces along each joint.

d)        Additional performance indicators, such as the factor of safety against uplift, are calculated.

This appendix provides a brief review of important calculation procedures employed by CADAM3D.

Particular attention has been given to CADAM3D reporting so that the results of interim calculations are available. The user should be able to manually verify the accuracy of the calculated results.