Every time CADAM3D is started, the user preferences are retrieved from a MS Excel file named ini.xls located in the subfolder INI of CADAM3D installation directory.  Default installation directories are:

  • 32-bit version of CADAM3D: C:\Program Files (x86)\CADAM3D
  • 64-bit version of CADAM3D: C:\Program Files\CADAM3D

Please note that this MS Excel file must remain in 97-2003 format (XLS).  The workbook and all worksheets are protected against modification except for cells that can be modified.  Do not set a password in this MS Excel file because CADAM3D will not be able top open it anymore as well for others.

This file contains multiple worksheets with pre-defined values that will be applied to any new model created.  This way, it assures that your preferences are always applied and that you do not have to go through all options to correct them.  However, if you are sharing the same CADAM3D with someone else, then expect that these values might have been modified.  Be careful when you modify these values because CADAM3D does not check the validity of some of them.

General worksheet

Ice Options worksheet

Performance Criterion worksheet

Tensile Strength Options worksheet

Uplift Pressures worksheet