CADAM3D prepares graphic reports for the results obtained from a selected load combination. The Stability drawings command in the taskbar allows the display of the results for a defined load combination.

CADAM3D generates two sets of results for each load combination. The first drawing (Figure 176) reports the numerical values of the normal stresses and uplift pressures at the upstream and downstream ends of the lift joints. These values are also plotted along the joints. The cracked lengths are highlighted with a bold red line.

Figure 176

The second drawing, shown in Figure 177, presents the stability analysis results. The resulting forces (normal, shear, uplift, etc.) acting on each joint as well as the safety factors are listed and also shown graphically. The same type of reports can be obtained for other load combinations using the drop-down list in the top left corner.

In addition, the Copy image button allows the user to copy the entire drawing in vector format (emf) to the clipboard. The Save image button saves the drawing in an (emf) format file. The Font size option reduces or increases the font size to match the screen resolution.

Figure 177