Using the Add a segment command in the spillway definition window, a line, a circular arc, a power equation, or a polynomial curve can be added to create the desired section. This command can be used as many times as required. CADAM3D can connect the segments to the chute end point. The added segments are numbered consecutively and are displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the Chute window. 

Figure 77

The last segment must be defined with the Close perimeter command. If the user attempts to close the perimeter making the origin point of a segment coincide with the downstream end point of the foundation, CADAM3D will cancel this segment and the user will have to resume from the previous segment. In the event the user must close the perimeter of the spillway with a non-linear segment, it is recommended to stop the segment near the downstream point of the foundation and then close the perimeter using the normal procedure. It is important to note that the last segment cannot have a zero length, this would result in erroneous results or freezing of certain modeling options.

The depth or thickness must be entered into the appropriate field to complete the chute definition. The total volume is calculated using the Calculate volume command.