The user can generate or edit scripts in CADAM3D by clicking the Script Editor command in the File menu. Figure 180 shows the internal script editor in CADAM3D.

Figure 180

Initially, the user can open an existing script (Open script button) which is loaded into the text editor in the lower right of the dialogue box (Figure 180) or, if desired, start a new script. The addition of commands can be done by using the script editor tools, divided into three steps, or by typing directly into the text editor. As each line format is fixed, it is best to use the present tools to avoid errors. First, the user must choose an option group (button in the left column). Then the user has to define the option of this group. Depending on the group chosen, the group definition can take several values (no value, numerical value or string of text). Finally, to add the command to the text editor, the user must click the Add option to script button. At any time, the user can change the content of the text editor as required, including copy/paste

Figure 181

The format of each line is divided into three sections:

  1. The command starting with « cmd= » followed by the digital identifier of the command (4 compulsory characters).

Ex : cmd=  0 val="D:\Fichiers\DEV2_c_.dam" *** open a file

  1. The value (optional depending on the command) starting at the 10th character and defined between the quotation marks « val=" " ».

e.g.: cmd=  0 val="D:\File\DEV2_c_.dam" *** open a file

e.g.: cmd= 699 *** Start the analysis

e.g.: cmd= 800 val="1" *** Load combination number #1

 The description that follows the value with a space and three stars followed by another space is a description of the command. The first space as well as the three stars are mandatory as highlighted above, while the description of the command is optional.