CADAM3D allows you to export the 3D model in SAP2000 s2k format. CADAM3D divides the structure vertically by elements of vertical sticks, located at their center of gravity. The stick elements are connected by rigid horizontal elements. The default vertical axis in the SAP2000 software is the Z axis. The saved model (* .s2k) will have been rotated so that the vertical axis of CADAM3D (Y-axis) becomes that of SAP2000, ie the axis Z. The user can choose the number of vertical divisions as well as the different options to include in the s2k file.

SAP2000 is a structural analysis and design software produced by Computer and Structures, Incorporated (CSI), a structural and earthquake engineering company. See:

SAP2000 is a general purpose finite element program which performs the static or dynamic, linear or nonlinear analysis of structural systems.