At this stage, the user must define the mechanical properties for each segment. The mechanical Properties button provides access to the dialog box presented in Figure 31.

The user has the option to fix identical properties for all segments or to specify different properties for each segment (Figure 32). The friction angle and cohesion correspond to the sliding resistance along the segment. The density of the foundation (ρ) is applied to the segment volume vertically above. The efficiency of the water pressure on the bottom of the reservoir is a multiplier of the water pressure of the reservoir on the block above the segment. By considering an efficiency equal to 1, the user assumes the bottom of the reservoir as totally impermeable. Conversely, a fully permeable bottom has zero efficiency. Finally, to model a pressure relief segment, full permeability must be considered. 

A previous stratum is a crack with very high permeability that induces no loss of head loss along the joint.

Figure 31

Figure 32