Figure 74

CADAM3D can define up to three shafts by clicking the Shafts button in the water intake dialogue box (see Figure 55). The three shafts can be generated in any order. To define a shaft, the user must activate it and define its Properties, as indicated in Figure 75. 

Some specific water intake loadings require the equipment to be in dry condition. These loading cases require the gates to be lowered. The user must, therefore, define which stoplogs are closed using the drop-down list in Figure 74.

Figure 75

The variables for determining the geometry of shafts are defined in the Shafts dialogue box (see Figure 75): 

  • X1: X-coordinate of the upstream position of the shaft in penstock
  • X2: X-coordinate of the upstream position of the shaft, above penstock 
  • L1: Shaft width in the penstock 
  • L2: Shaft width above the penstock 
  • XR: X-coordinate center position of gate slot
  • W: Width of a single shaft in the cross-stream direction excluding the slots 
  • H: Depth of gate slot 
  • B: Width of gate slot

Some restrictions apply to the definition of shafts and must satisfy the following conditions:

X2 ≤ X1

X1 + L1 ≤ X2 + L2

X1 < XR < X2

X1 < XR – B / 2

X1 + L1 > XR + B / 2